LOONA TV (이달의소녀탐구) are short videos featuring the members of LOOΠΔ during their travels, behind the scenes of jacket shootings and the sets of music video filming, and even their off-time interactions as they have fun.

Each member and subunit had their own 'arcs' of LOONA TV, including the 'Up & Line' event. Specials were released when episodes reached milestones.

The series began on October 12, 2016 with Heejin following her debut, and is currently ongoing with over 330 episodes released as of today.

One episode is released generally at 12:00 (KST) daily. However, there have been days where TV episodes caught up to current events, such as the time between Olivia Hye's arc and yyxy's debut, and hence TV episodes ceased until a new release was ready. In the beginning, the duration of episodes were as short as 18 seconds, while currently, they can last up to 2 minutes.

A spin-off series called LOONA TV Prequel (이달의소녀탐정) was introduced on December 30, 2016. In this series, a pound sign is in the title with determines which girl in order of debut is featured in the episode, for example: #a is HeeJin, #f is Kim Lip while #k is Go Won.



HeeJin's arc started on LOOΠΔ TV #1, uploaded October 12, 2016, and ended with LOOΠΔ TV #18 on November 12, 2016. The episode's events take place in Paris, France and South Korea as HeeJin travels and works on her album's jacket shooting and music video filming. A highlight of this arc is HeeJin's fear of birds!


HyunJin's LOOΠΔ TV Arc started with LOOΠΔ TV #19, uploaded on November 19, 2016. Her last episode was LOOΠΔ TV #38, uploaded on December 10th, 2016. It was filmed in Japan and featured HeeJin. A common theme in HyunJin's arc was that she was almost always seen eating. Especially bread.


HaSeul's first wasLOOΠΔ TV #38, on December 15th, 2016. This arc happened both in Iceland, where Let Me In was filmed, and in London with HeeJin and HyunJin for The Carol. 'HaSeul's curse' was created in Iceland due to the severe cold and harsh climate. One of the most memorable moments was HaSeul seeing a seal and greeting it by yelling. It ended on January 14th, 2017, with LOOΠΔ TV #58.


The group's maknae's first episode was number #59. It was originally published on January 17th, 2017. The last episode of the arc was LOOΠΔ TV #78, uploaded on February 17th, 2017. In this arc, the first four members travelled to Taiwan to film My Sunday and My Melody. YeoJin was not seen filming Kiss Later in LOOΠΔ TVs.

Love & LiveEdit

The first unit arc was with the filming on LOONA 1/3's Love & Live (song) in New Zealand and Hong Kong. The first episode was LOOΠΔ TV #79, published on March 13th, 2017. It's the first episode the fifthe member ViVi appears in. The last episode was LOOΠΔ TV #98 uploaded on April 19th, 2017.


ViVi's arc started on episode #101, uploaded on April 24th, 2017. The final episode was LOOΠΔ TV #112. It was uploaded on May 6th, 2017. The arc focused on ViVi's photoshoot in Busan, and the filming of the MV in Seoul. Fans remember the funniest part as ViVi's 'cringe face', in reaction to a toy HaSeul showed her.

Love & EvilEdit

The Love&Evil episode arc started on Episode #113, with the unit ready to go to Prague, Czech Republic. It was uploaded on May 8th, 2017. The final episode was LOOΠΔ TV #122, uploaded on May 17th, 2017. Once again, Prague was hit by the Curse of HaSeul...

Kim LipEdit

Lip's first episode of LOOΠΔ TV was number #123. It is the first episode where a LOOΠΔ member shoots inside a studio in Seoul, known by fans as "The Basement", instead of abroad like the first 5 girls. This first episode was uploaded on May 29th, 2017. The final episode of the arc was LOOΠΔ TV #142. It was uploaded on June 18th, 2017. Kim Lip's arc was the longest at the time of completion.



Mix & MatchEdit

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Go WonEdit

LOOΠΔ Cinema Theory: Up & LineEdit

Olivia HyeEdit

Beauty & The BeatEdit

LOOΠΔ TV TeasersEdit

  • HeeJin's Arc "Paris", uploaded October 2nd, 2016.
  • HyunJin's Arc "Tokyo", uploaded November 8th, 2016.
  • HaSeul's Arc "Iceland", uploaded December 12th, 2016.
  • 3H's Arc "London", uploaded December 13th, 2016.
  • YeoJin's Arc "Taiwan", uploaded January 14th, 2017.
  • Love&Live's Arc "New Zealand" and "Hong Kong", uploaded March 7th and 8th, 2017.
  • ViVi's Arc "Busan", uploaded April 14th, 2017.
  • Love&Evil's Arc "Prague", uploaded May 7th, 2017.
  • Mix & Match's Arc "LA", uploaded September 19th, 2017.
  • Beauty & The Beat's Arc "Budapest", uploaded May 28th, 2018.

Special EpisodesEdit

The first special episode was LOOΠΔ TV #99, with a recap of the first 98 episodes, categorised by locations, and the announcement of LOOΠΔ's VLIVE channel. The same video was used as the VLIVE LOONA Channel Open announcement.

LOOΠΔ TV #100 was a thank you to the fans and featured the first 5 members, who were showing their excitement for future episodes. On VLIVE a live video was posted, as a celebration of the 100 episodes. It runs at an hour and 47 minutes.

Spinoff SeriesEdit

Two spinoff series have been created so far: LOONA TV Prequel and New Zealand Story.