JinSoul (Hangul: 진솔) born Jung Jin Sol (Hangul: 정진솔), is the seventh member of LOOΠΔ. She was born on June 13, 1997 in Seoul, South Korea.


At some point in 2016, JinSoul was accepted as a trainee at Polaris Entertainment through Dream Vocal & Dance Academy.[1] She would later transfer to BlockBerryCreative and train to become a member of LOONA.


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Music Video AppearancesEdit

Year Title Performer(s) Role
2017 "Everyday I Need You (feat. JinSoul)" ViVi Rapper
2017 "Love Cherry Motion" Choerry Dancer
2018 "Egoist (feat. JinSoul)" Olivia Hye Rapper


  • JinSoul auditioned for BlockBerryCreative/Polaris with the song "If You Return", by Gummy.
  • She is closest to HyunJin and Choerry.
  • Some of JinSoul's favorite foods are Tteokmanduguk, dakbal (chicken feet), food with rice, makchang, gobchang, and tteokbokki
  • She does not like carrots, eggplants, avocado, and coconut
  • She dorms with YeoJin and the rest of the members of ODD EYE CIRCLE (Kim Lip, Choerry).
  • Her role models are Miss A's Suzy and f(x)'s Krystal.
  • Her ideal type is a boy that's cute.
  • She is a Red Velvet fan. Her favorite member is Yeri.
  • She is the third oldest member in LOONA.
  • She is the oldest in the sub-unit ODD EYE CIRCLE.
  • Her zodiac sign is Gemini.
  • In the group, she is represented by a Siamese Fighting Fish (Also known as a Blue Betta Fish) and the color Royal Blue which is a combination Black and Blue.
  • Her second color is Black
  • She was the seventh member to be revealed on June 2017.
  • She released her solo single "JinSoul" on June 26, 2017.
  • A photo of her and ViVi filming was leaked before her reveal.
  • She studied Piano for 9 years.
  • She is a former DSP trainee.[citation needed]
  • She was very good at mathematics and ranked 19th in her entire school in the subject.
  • As a hobby she assembles Gundam models.
  • She is the only member of ODD EYE CIRCLE who uses her real name.


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